Black Lab

Year of the Lab

Black Lab Bottle Close Up

Black Lab™ Vodka was created as a celebration of and tribute to the lovable, sporty and athletic Labrador Retriever, "America's Dog."

Black Lab™ Vodka is a gold medal winning spirit hand crafted for us by America’s most award winning small batch distillery using fine Midwestern corn free from GMOs and water from the Cascade Mountains. It is distilled 5 times and filtered 5 times through crushed lava rocks. The care taken in the process gives it a distinct has a slightly citrusy finish and a lot of body. Black Lab™ Vodka is like a fine sipping whiskey with the added benefit of enhancing mixed cocktails without overpowering the other ingredients. And it is gluten free.

But the vodka is only half the story...put a bottle of BLV on the bar and the “not so shaggy dog stories” start flowing. Even people without a dog start telling stories about their neighbors’ or relatives’. (we are sorry we can’t reproduce this effect in print) It is a club almost everyone can relate to. On-premise locations made BLV their official vodka over the major brands like Grey Goose, Smirnoff and Ketel One. A fan from Alaska started her business just to sell BLV. Bottles sold for $500, $800 even $1900 at charity events. Empty bottles are coveted by Retriever fans across the county.

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